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    In a likeness; Are you dwelling safely under the protection of the Lion of Truth – or has the Lion of deception invited you for his lunch? The Hebrew children: Daniel – Shadrach; Meshach; and Abednego refused to eat at the king’s table and instead chose to eat the fruits and vegetable as ordered by their God.  After a time-- when they were examined by the physicians of their day --they were found to be wiser – stronger and fairer than all the children of the kings realm.

     Healthy is better than sick and we are the ones that choose our future; We are today what we’ve chosen yesterday -- and we’ll be tomorrow what we choose today.

     Choose to obey the voice of truth about healthy living and He will protect you from any weapon that tries to come against you and He is well able to do that; Choose to disobey the voice of truth and we become our own adversary that nothing can stand against.

     A life blessed with glowing health is a matter of choice – not genetics; of nutrition- not medicine.  When we take the responsibility for our choices and do as health demands – health is our reward.  Disregard its voice and sickness is our curse.

     Clean Air – Food and Water are the inheritance and gifts from the Creator of mankind. It’s our responsibility to maintain those conditions if we intend to enjoy good health.

     Change doesn’t happen to us unless we make changes in our choices.  To expect change without changing our choices is the definition of madness.  We meet many people that only want enough information to make the pain stop. They don’t want to make the changes necessary to allow their immune systems to heal the cause of the pain.

     Our homes are the only domain that we have complete control over. The goal of C.M. Living Health is to help people get and maintain the highest standard of those conditions. If you or I don’t spend the time and money necessary to maintain those high standards then we are invited to be partners with sickness.

     At C.M. Living Health we have put together products that we believe will enable a family to breath Clean Aireat Clean Food and drink Clean Water; Sleep on clean beds -- walk on clean carpets -- rugs and floors and reverse the poor choices of the past.

     No one can live long without these three essential life-sustaining elements.  Most people work very hard to keep their homes as safe a place to live in as possible. It’s important to be using the latest methods to keep our home environment as free from bacteria – virus and other parasites as we can make it.  Let us show you what we have found that is and has changed our lives.

     Statistically there are 115 million people in America dealing with some sort of chronic physical problem. It is projected that by 2020 that number will double.  That means that more than half of all the people in America will be chronically sick. If we are not going to be one of those people we need to take an active part in getting healthy and staying healthy.

     In our search for information to get healthy and stay healthy we came across this book called “The Cure For All Diseases” by Dr. Hulda R. Clark Ph.D,N.D.  In my opinion -- Dr. Clark is a modern day visionary and genius…(quote…Hopefully the age of computers will now set free the bird of truth as was never before possible.  Patients and their families have easy access to information just like doctors and researchers do.

     Only when each lay-person and common laborer possess the knowledge about sickness prevention, as they already do for scurvy prevention will the medical profession stop claiming an exclusive right to disease treatment. End quote)

   So What Can The Ordinary Person Do? 

  Like Dr. Hulda Clark said: TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR OWN LIFE! Be informed – you have the vast knowledge base of the Internet at your disposal. Use it – learn to get well and stay well.  No one loves your body like you do. Learn to take care of it.  If you do-- it will reward you with glowing health; Abuse it and it will punish you until you die.

     We at C.M. Living Health have put together a way we believe to live healthy.  It probably isn’t the only way – but this way has worked for us It cured me of Epstein Bar – Fibromyalgia and a tendency to form tumors.  I’m not saying it will do anything for you.  I can’t say that because it is against the law. But it did it for me and it is doing it for thousands of others according to their own testimonies.

    We will shortly be certified by Hallelujah Acres health ministers and we use only tested health products and emphasize tested.  Not all health products are created equal; We go to great lengths to get our products tested for purity.

     When you take charge of your own health – your God given immune system will repair itself and your health will soon follow.  A healthy body is a pH balanced body. Call for your free chart on acid and alkaline foods and see how you can get your free Water Distiller

  May the Kingdom Blessing of health be yours today






ThermaxAF2 Complete Indoor Environmental Cleaning Systems

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This all in one unit cleans all hard surfaces, carpets, rugs, mattresses, upholstery, bedding, and even windows with upholstery tools for your car and boat included. There is none better and will be the last you’ll ever need to buy.  Remember -- that bag and canister vacuums have to let the air taken into them escape into your room or they would explode. They try to filter that air in some way before it goes back into the room – but no matter how good that filter is it will let pollution and dust mites through it. Your vacuum is a breeding place for dust mites – which multiply 10 fold every 28 days.  So when you turn your vacuum on the next time all those dust mites & bacteria get blown back into the room for you and your family to breath. We want to help you get well and stay well through a cleaner environment -- starting in your home. Call us for your free in home demonstration, no obligation to buy and easy monthly payments plus we’ll give you a free gift if you will let us show you what this unit will do.

· Air Purifier

· Wet & Dry vacuuming

· Steam Cleaning unit

· 100% allergy free

· 10 yr. warrantee

· Steam distillation & carbon filtration

· Digital display tells you the time

· Seemless, stainless steel boiler

· 1 gallon removable carafe

· No assembly, installation or hookups

· Distillate Capacity: 6 Gallons in 24 hrs


WaterWise 8800 Steam Water Distiller



· 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

· NSF Bleach (Heavy Metal, & PCB free)  

· Clean Supplements  & Herbs                           

· Trace Minerals

· pH Testing Paper



  • Labrix Hormone Testing
  • Human & Animal Saliva Testing
  • Syncrometer Product Testing

Disclaimer: --- This information is for self-help study only and if you are going to start a self health program we advise you to consult your health care professional first. Many of the products we sell have not been evaluated by the FDA and under no circumstance intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. Results are not guaranteed.


 Air Oasis Air Purifying Systems

· Mold,


Yeast & Ozone Test Kits


· Detox Footpads


· Dr. Hulda Clark’s Protocols, Supplements:

                     Parisite, Kidney & Liver Cleanses

· Dr. George Malkmus: (Hallilujah Acres Diet)

                   BarleyMax, Fiber Cleanse, WaterMax,  Juicers,                            Dehydraters, Rebounder Exercise Equipment

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